How is an e-book better than a latte?

18 Jan

Calories in a latte: 380

Calories in an e-book: 0

= = =

Cost of a latte: $4.55 (plus tax)

Cost of an e-book: $2.99

= = =

Latte: Gone in a few minutes

e-book: Hours of entertainment

= = =

Latte addiction rate: 100%

e-book addiction rate: 100%

= = =


Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad!

So you see? An e-book is better than a latte.

Speaking of which, did you know I have four e-books out right now? (Great segue, right?)

They’re on sale $1.00 off each off for a limited time (Friday, January 18 – Monday, January 21).

These books are brand-new to all digital formats: Ready to rock on the iPhone, Palm, or even your computer via PDF and plain text formats. Easy, quick, one-click.


Here’s what I’ve got:


DARK LULLABY (fiction) Rock ‘n roll will never die when vampires invade L.A. in the early 1970s.

GHOST WRITER (fiction) Called a “bizarre menage a trois between Stephen King, Candace Bushnell & Sarah Silverman” by screenwriter Peter Atkins (he should know!)

50 YEARS OF GHOST MOVIES (non-fiction) Such tantalizing tidbits as the tagline for The Tenant: “Nobody does it to you like Roman Polanski!”

ANIMAL MOVIES GUIDE (non-fiction) The ultimate omnibus critters in cinema from Rin Tin-Tin to that kickass cougar in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Buy a book and you don’t like it? No problem, no hassle, no questions asked. Better than a money-back guarantee, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee. (Honest: I swear on the grave of Juan Valdez!)

 = = = = = = = =



This special introductory offer is good from
Friday (1/18) through Monday (1/21) ONLY!

(This applies to gift books, too: send directly to any friend via email)


  • Dark Lullaby Coupon Code:  FY57F

  • Ghost Writer Coupon Code: RK75R

  • 50 Years of Ghost Movies Coupon Code: VM94M

  • Animal Movies Guide Coupon Code:  JG48J

But wait…! There’s more…

If you buy two or more books, drop me a line and I will put you in a drawing to win a paperback copy of my anthology “Horrors of the Holy“.





For those who prefer AMAZON… no coupons, but still only $2.99 and $3.99 per book/s LINK


“Animal Movies Guide” Book by Staci Layne Wilson now available via Kindle, et al

11 Dec




Only $3.99 for ALL FORMATS via Smashwords

Only $3.99 for KINDLE via Amazon

= = = =

Nonfiction. Designed especially for animal-loving movie buffs, this all-inclusive film reference contains 90 complete reviews of movies in which a primary character is an animal (genres include animated, western, horror, comedy, drama, and more). There are flash reviews and synopses of nearly 1,000 animal movies spanning from the 1920s to the present.



“Animal Movies Guide is not only an excellent home video resource, its an entertaining and insightful read. A neglected sub-genre finally has its movie guide and its champion in Staci Layne Wilson.”
John Fusco, Screenwriter: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, and Hidalgo

“Humorous and candid. A great reference guide!”
Deb Bulmer, Creator: Horse Fame

“An informative, charming book that every animal lover who watches movies will want to own. There is no other book like it.”
Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, PhD, Author: Dogs Never Lie About Love

“Animal Movies Guide is a long overdue book. Anyone who loves sharing their lives with animals should have this book. It is a one-stop guide for every important animal-related movie made, along with interviews and more. Before you swing by the video store to rent your next video, check out Staci’s book. Not only will you be reminded of movies you loved as a child, but you are sure to find new favorites as well. This one is a keeper and makes a great gift for the animal lovers in your life!” 
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert, Creator: Horse Tales for the Soul, and Dog Tales for the Soul book series

“Is Animal Movies Guide in fact a horror book belonging in a horror fan’s library? Absolutely it is and does. While it’s not limited solely to our genre, it certainly accords it the love and respect it deserves, and I can’t imagine that any horror fan wouldn’t also enjoy reading about beloved (and feared) animals in dramas, comedies, westerns, etc. Where else can you learn about both Cujo and Old Yeller? Cat People and The Cat From Outer Space? Apes like Curious George and Amy from Congo? All in one convenient, easy-to-read, and extremely entertaining package.”
Debi Moore: Dread Central

“Animal Movies Guide is a fun trot through animal roles. The reviews are sometimes humorous, always engaging and feel as if they’re written just for ‘you’. It is a reminder of how important animal themes are in every genre.”
Leslie S. Osborne, Producer: T. K. Productions

“Every library should have this book!”
Harold Reitz, Editor/Publisher: Cationary

“Ghost Writer” Novel by Staci Layne Wilson now available via Kindle, et al

11 Dec


Only $2.99 for ALL FORMATS via Smashwords

Only $2.99 for KINDLE via Amazon

= = = =

An aspiring writer becomes a successful novelist. But at what price? When people start turning up dead, it’s hell to pay.


With enviable ease, Staci Layne Wilson manages the difficult trick of combining edgy eroticism, knowing humor, and unflinching horror into one delicious package. Like some bizarre menage a trois between Stephen King, Candace Bushnell, and Sarah Silverman, her fiction explores every aspect of the Forbidden.
(Peter Atkins, screenwriter of the Hellraiser and Wishmaster films, author of Morningstar)

Staci Layne Wilson is an expert at creating believable characters, a chilling scenario, and a roller-coaster-ride-of-a-story that doesn’t put on the brakes until the very last page.
(James Newman, author of Holy Rollers and The Wicked)

Staci Layne Wilson knows how to write. Read Ghost Writer, and you’ll see what I mean. But it just doesn’t stop with good writing… there’s an underlying hipness to everything that’s going on, and while the suspense builds, you can’t help but notice the sexiness, the rock and roll, the creativity spurred on by the innate sensibilities she clearly possesses. Her characters breathe the same airs we do, their fears are as real as they get. Her phrases… they send shudders of guilty pleasure across the raised skin on your back as you absorb them one delightful word at a time. (Michael Laimo, author of Atmosphere and Dregs Of Society)

Take Cary Bouchard, a less than average, downtrodden shadow of a man and give him a free a ride on Hell’s roller-coaster, complete with blood, guts and terror. The result? Staci Layne Wilson’s psychological horror novel, Ghost Writer. Wilson has written a fresh twist on a classic favorite. Is fortune and fame worth a price? Any price? For seasoned and new readers of the genre, treat yourself to a masterfully written mind tweak, haunting descriptions and an ending that screams, ‘Move over, Rod Serling!’
(Cass Andre, author of El Chupacabra)

In her latest work, Staci Layne Wilson tackles one of the most enduring questions of modern horror fiction – where do writers get their ideas? By the time the reader is done with GHOST WRITER, they’ll never look at another writer the same way again and all their darkest suspicions will be confirmed. A rousing good tale, full of atmosphere and suspense.
(Joseph Nassise, author of Riverwatch and Heretic)

Ghost Writer is a haunting adventure with roller coaster turns and surprises. This is one you’ll want to read with the lights on as you buckle up for a scary ride into the darkest realms of horror!”
(Scarlett Dean, author of Unfinished Business)

Ghost Writer is lovingly lavished with every cliche in the book — this Satantic satire will have you laughing out loud even as you’re shaking under your covers with fright. Wilson’s provocative prose is vibrant, engaging and sharp as a demon’s claw.
(L.M. Parkinson, Author of Teeth)

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